For the past 20 years I have facilitated leadership and team-building programs, delivered motivational presentations with a patriotic theme, and either presented or moderated numerous conference breakout sessions.


My goal is engage your audience with stories and humor that will keep their attention and have them leave with some practical steps they can put to use immediately after the session.

I also know that you - the event planner - have a lot on your plate.  And because of that it is my goal to make your life just a bit easier with one less thing to worry about.

If you have an event that you want to kick-start with an emotional and uplifting presentation with practical lessons, then we need to talk.




How to Survive the Day

In almost every industry and walk of life we are faced with many challenges and a quickly changing world...it can be overwhelming to the point of frustration, stagnation and numbness.

Survive - some days this is your only goal.  But you CAN learn how to survive in a world of constant change and expectations.  Instead of struggling through the day, you need to FOCUS​ on what's good, LEAD those around you, ACKNOWLEDGE your challenges, and GROW your self.

Raise The Flag is a highly motivating and challenging keynote that empowers any audience to look at their own situation in a new light and learn practical steps to be more effective at work and in their personal lives.

Using the story of The Star Spangled Banner and the battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore as the backdrop, you will easily remember these lessons each time you hear the National Anthem sung.


Based on the framework of F-L-A-G:

  • F​ocus - surviving starts by changing your focus from what's bad to what's good.  This basic lesson will impact stressed-out leaders, frustrated managers, and burned-out employees.

  • Lead - you set the tone for everyone around you - even if you aren't the "leader".  Learn how to be a banner in someone's day.

  • Acknowledge - challenges and problems are inevitable, letting them tear you up isn't.  Learn how to acknowledge them and know they could also be your ally.

  • Grow - the secret to surviving the day is planning for the next one, and WE are the ones who will prepare the way.  Discover the power of your responsibility to the future.

If you are interested in this keynote for your event, please contact me.


The stage is set with the historical background of the War of 1812 and the subsequent attack and the battle at Fort McHenry.

This famous battle inspired the writing of "The Star Spangled Banner."  Four verses tell the tale of the battle and the unsuccessful attempt to take the fort.

This program includes:

  • the singing of each verse, telling the events of the night.
  • an explanation of each verse
  • leadership lessons learned
  • an unforgettable, emotional conclusion


Lessons From The Row

7 Lessons of A Successful Life I Learned on the Farm

The entire world history has been based on growing things to sustain life.  From the Garden of Eden to your backyard garden, life is sustained by the bounty of the soil.

Since w have become a more urban society, these lessons about life and success are not as easily learned today.  So we need to look back and learn from our roots and the labor of the soil for the rich and mature lessons life has to teach us.

Without getting your hands dirty, this seminar will take you on a journey through the field of life and success and plant within you the seeds of success.  You only need to water them and cultivate them and in due time you will be able to reap a harvest that will amaze even you!


  1. Start with fertile  soil.  You need to be open, receptive and ready to learn.
  2. Straight isn't always best.  You've heard that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line?  What if I told you "not always"?
  3. Planting.  Learning needs to be progressive and paced so new habits can develop and grow.
  4. Water. It helps to grow deep roots, refresh knowledge and learning.
  5. Cultivate.  You need to keep the 'weeds' our of your mind/life so you don't plug it up or divert your energy and resources.
  6. Fertilize.  Books, reading, learning skills, etc. are the nutrients and food for personal growth.
  7. Harvest.  A time to reap the fruits of your labor, gather in the successes and successful people around you.
  8. (BONUS) Storms.  They will come and they can do damage, but if you prepare for them you will recover.

If you are interested in this seminar for your event, please contact me.

"Bravo!  Thank you so very much for your participation in our recent grand openings of the Las Cruces and Roswell offices.  Your presentation of "The National Anthem" in both story and song was what our guests have been talking about.  I am still hearing from many of them about how much they enjoyed your your oratory; many of didn't realize there is more than one verse to the song.

What I enjoyed most was your thoughful way of proposing that the lyrics are simply a question.  This provided all of us a different way to hear the song that we've never heard before.  I though of you when I heard "The National Anthem" before the recent Super Bowl, and I'm sure that whomever has the opportunity to hear your presentation will also have a new perspective."  - Congressman Steve Pearce, Second District, New Mexico


"THANK YOU for making our opening ceremonies one to remember.  Your program was amazing and will be remembered by all!  Thank you again!  It's a pleasure to work witth you!" - Staci Carrell, President, National Association of Chamber Ambassadors

"Mark, your topic is right on.  Thank you.  The Star Spangled Banner was a heart-felt real story and motivates us leaders."

- Judith S. RN, BSN, MS

Mark Schinnerer is one of those rare individuals whose sincerity is apparent from word one.  His patriotism is rooted in every aspect of his life, and weaving it into the successful presentation of management skills is the natural progression.

At our Convention and Expo opening keynote, Mark "Raised The Flag."  Using his background in management and his patriotism, he created a motivating and challenging keynote tailored to our audience using FLAG: FOCUS, LEAD, ACKNOWLEDGE, GROW.

He provided a new an unique look at effective leadership skills.  He also took the time to tailor is remarks to our audience and conference theme.

- Tracy Alter, Senior Director of Member Services

New Mexico Health Care Association.